DAO NO.10-08 s2010
  Further amending the revised implementing rules and regulations of Act No. 3883, as amended, otherwise known as the Business Name Law.

Product Standards

The State has several responsibilities when it comes to consumer welfare, one of which is assuring the public of quality products. DTI-NCR, with the policy guidance of the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS), implements and monitors programs which are aimed to maintain product standards.

The government has several duties in providing certain policies for product quality standards:

  • To develop and provide safety and quality standards for consumer products, including performance of use-oriented standards, codes of practice and methods of tests;
  • To assist the consumer in evaluating the quality, including safety, performance and comparative utility of consumer products;
  • To protect the public against unreasonable risks of injury, associated with consumer goods;
  • To undertake research on quality improvement of products and investigation into cause and prevention of product related to death, illness, and injuries;
  • To assure the public of the consistency of standardized products.

Procedures and Requirements in Applying for the Philippine Standards (PS) Quality and /or Safety Certification Mark Scheme:

  1. Fill up application form in three (3) copies (BPS Form PS/SF 01). The form can be obtained from DTI-NCR office or the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS).
  2. The application shall be duly subscribed and sworn to by the applicant or his duly authorized management representative and shall be filed with DTI-NCR or BPS (for Metro Manila application).
  3. The application shall be supported by the following documents:
    1. Controlled copy of Quality Manual
    2. Articles of Incorporation or business name and subcontracting agreement, if any
    3. Copy of labels, markings, logos as applicable per requirements of specific standard
    4. Latest externally audited financial statement
  4. Quality Management System Requirements
    1. Existing PS licensees whose quality systems are not yet aligned to ISO 9000 series of standards are required to align their quality management systems.
    2. For new PS license applicants, the quality management system shall be aligned as per requirements of appropriate ISO 9000 series of standards.
  5. Factory Assessment
    1. The applicant company will be informed of the assessment schedule including the names of the assessment team leader and members.

Requirements and Procedures in Applying for an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC)

An IMPORT COMMODITY CLEARANCE is a document specifying compliance of imported products (products covered by mandatory standards) with applicable standards, as provided for by Republic Act 4109 and Department Administrative Order # 5, Series of 2001.

    Requirements are as follows:
  • Filled-up application form - notarized and filed in three (3) copies
  • Bill of Lading / Airway Bill
  • Packing List
  • Certified True Copy of Import Entry
  • Invoice
  • DTI Business Registration Certificate / SEC Registration Certificate
  • Test Certificate (if needed)
  • Special Power of Attorney / Board Resolution (in cases where the ICC application is filed by persons with managerial / supervising capability connected with the company authorizing them to process said ICC application)

Other Services for Importers based in Metro Manila:

  1. Sales Promotion Permit: A permit to conduct any form or scheme for sales promotion campaign of a consumer product, thirty (30) days before the commencement of the promotion period. (Requirements for sales promotion)

    Product covered - all consumer products and services, except food, drugs, devices, cosmetics and hazardous substances and agricultural products which shall be under the jurisdiction of the concerned departments or agencies.
  2. Home Solicitation Permit: A permit to conduct home solicitation sales business on all consumer products or services covered by DTI
  3. Implementation of the Consumer Act: Per R.A. 7394, otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines, any imported product shall be refused admission if such product:
    • Fails to comply with an applicable consumer product quality and safety standard or rule;
    • Has been determined to be injurious, unsafe and dangerous;
    • Is substandard; or
    • Has a material defect

    • All imported consumer products shall comply with the required minimum label requirements in their respective labels or packaging, to wit:
    • Its correct and registered trade name or brand name
    • Its duly registered trademark
    • Its registered business name
    • Address of the importer of the product
    • Its general make or active ingredients
    • Net quantity of contents, in terms of weight, measure or numerical count rounded off to at least the nearest tenths in the metric system
    • Country of manufacture
    • Other required information by the concerned department:
      1. whether it is flammable or inflammable;
      2. direction for use, if necessary;
      3. warning of toxicity;
      4. wattage, voltage or amperes;
      5. process of manufacture used